Further updated Guidance on Information Requirements and Chemical Safety Assessment for nanomaterials

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has published three new appendices, updating Chapters R.8, R.10 and R.14 of the Guidance on Information Requirements and Chemical Safety Assessment (IR & CSA). These appendices focus on Chemical Safety Assessment and provide further recommendations for registering nanomaterials. The Commission services initiated REACH Implementation Projects on Nanomaterials (RIP-oNs) in 2009 in order to evaluate the applicability of the existing guidance to nanomaterials and, if needed, develop tailored advice. These further updates implement the parts of the project relevant to the Chemical Safety Assessment of nanomaterials (RIP-oN3) on aspects such as occupational exposure estimation, dose-response characterisation for human health and for environment. The appendices, which follow the recent publication of the updates related to information requirements, will further enhance the advice to registrants of substances in the nanoform a full year in advance of the next REACH registration deadline (31 May 2013). Due to the tight timeline and as the RIP-oN3 report had already been the subject of consultation with relevant stakeholders before being handed over to ECHA, the Guidance’s update was undertaken via a fast-track procedure. The published guidance updates provide specific advice on Chemical Safety Assessment to registrants who are preparing registrations for substances in the nanoform or updating previously submitted registrations. Further information is available at: http://echa.europa.eu/web/guest/guidance-documents/guidance-on-reach

European Chemicals Agency, 25 May 2012 ;http://echa.europa.eu ;