Guidance on occupational exposure assessment updated

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has updated the Guidance on Information Requirements and Chemical Safety Assessment, Chapter R.14 (Occupational exposure assessment) following a comprehensive review. The scope of the guidance has been extended from exposure estimation to exposure assessment as a whole. This change aims to better link the exposure estimation with the identification and communication of suitable risk management measures (RMMs) for the substance. This includes, for example, the proper description of protective equipment and engineering controls. Also, the information regarding modelling tools has been re-organised and updated, keeping the general information in the main body of the guidance while the detailed information on specific tools is now found in an appendix. This includes more details on the uncertainties to be considered when using estimation tools and the domain of applicability of the tools. Moreover, a new section on exposure assessment for applications for authorisation has been created. The new section highlights specific considerations for the exposure assessment required in the authorisation process, built on practical learnings from the applications for authorisation processed to date. A copy of the new guidance document is available at: Guidance on Information Requirements and Chemical Safety Assessment

ECHA, 24 August 2016 ; ;