How to update information on the SCIP database


Articles placed on the market may change continually. You can update a previously successfully submitted SCIP notification for different reasons, e.g. if: • there are changes to the already submitted information that are relevant for database users; or • you need to correct a mistake in information you have previously submitted. We have observed a large increase in update submissions (e.g. 10 000 update submissions for one article). In many cases, they do not include any changes to the previously submitted information. Before you submit an update: 1) please ensure that the updated information is relevant for SCIP database users; 2) avoid submitting dossiers without changes; and 3) merge minor changes (e.g. spelling mistakes) in one update. The SCIP database will make the information available as received. The data quality remains the responsibility of data submitters (duty holders).

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ECHA, 4 May 2021