Improving the use of REACH and CLP information in the supply chain

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has recently published a report following a workshop on the use of REACH and CLP information at industrial sites organised with industry and authorities in April 2015. The workshop explored new ways and potential efficiency gains on using REACH and CLP information to enhance the safe use of chemicals at industrial sites. It also aimed to support compliance under the main environmental and occupational health directives. During the event, it was noted that the potential of information generated under REACH and CLP is not being fully used to support other occupational safety, health and environment regulations. REACH and CLP bring new knowledge on the chemical substances used by industry but various players in the supply chain all need to have a role to improve the situation. For instance, there is a need for sector-specific, tailor-made information to suit the right context. Due to REACH and CLP, individual companies understand and structure their chemicals management internally but formulators have an important role in passing on REACH information in the supply chain. A copy of the report is available at: Report on the Workshop on the use of REACH and CLP information at industrial sites

ECHA, 6 July 2015 ; ;