In situ generated biocidal active substances redefined

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has announced that active substances generated in situhave been redefined to specify the precursors from which the active substance is generated. Suppliers of active substances generated in situfrom other precursors can now notify ECHA to have their precursor-active substance system included in the review programme.Biocidal active substances are called ‘in situ generated’ if they are generated from another substance (a ‘precursor’) at the place of use. Until now, active substance evaluation has not consistently covered both the precursors and the generated active substance. To improve consistency in the evaluation, potential risks of both the precursor(s) and the substance it generates will now be evaluated. To take this change into account, the in situ generated active substances have been redefined to consistently refer to both the substance generated in situ and its precursors presently included in the review programme. This may lead to situations where other precursors that are used by industry are not covered by the review programme. Therefore companies using other precursors are invited to notify ECHA within one year if they wish to have their precursor-active substance system also included in the review programme. Further information is available at:

ECHA, 27 April 2015 ; ;