Increased support for downstream users

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has introduced new measures to support downstream users in fulfilling their duties under REACH. A webinar, which clarifies these duties and describes the supports available, will be hosted by ECHA on 23 April 2012. When downstream users receive exposure scenarios for registered substances from their suppliers, they need to check if their uses and conditions of use are covered in them. Depending on the outcome of this check, the downstream user has a number of further obligations. ECHA has introduced new measures to help downstream users understand and fulfil these obligations, namely a Question and Answer document on Downstream user reports and a template for reporting conditions of use, in case reporting to ECHA according to Article 38 of REACH is required. ECHA will host a webinar on downstream user obligations on 23 April 2012. The webinar aims to clarify the downstream user obligations when they receive exposure scenarios for registered substances. It will present practical examples in comparing the exposure scenario information received with the actual conditions of use at a downstream user’s site. The role of downstream users in the preparation of registration dossiers by substance suppliers for the 2013 registration deadline will also be explained. For further details and to register, go to the webinar section on ECHA’s website. Furthermore, ECHA has published information on all downstream user reports received in 2011. A total of 62 downstream user reports were received from 27 companies. The most common reason for producing a report was related to downstream users having to prepare the chemical safety report (CSR) for a use which was not covered by the supplier.

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