Irish checks led to removal of 87 products for REACH, CLP non-compliance last year


Market surveillance activities in Ireland resulted in the removal of 87 chemical products from the market last year, according to an annual report by the country’s Health and Safety Authority (HSA).

Published on 7 June, the report says the HSA checked 970 chemical products for compliance with requirements under REACH, CLP and the detergents Regulation during 2021.

The checks focused on construction-related products, motor factor products, detergents and products sold online.

In addition, inspectors screened jewellery, metal and leather articles for the presence of lead, nickel, cadmium or chromium VI as restricted under REACH.

The authority removed 87 products from the market and banned a further 61 products from sale to the general public. Some of these did not comply with CLP requirements, while others contained restricted substances or substances subject to authorisation under REACH.

The HSA also carried out 1,383 chemical-related workplace inspections that addressed, for instance, the control of chemical agents and asbestos. The authority processed 336 asbestos notifications.

And it assessed 99 alerts submitted under the EU’s Safety Gate rapid alert system (Rapex) related to restricted chemicals. Checks found 78 (79%) of the products were not present on the Irish market. Of the remaining alerts, the HSA identified and contacted suppliers to remove non-compliant products from sale, it said.

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Chemical Watch, 9-06-22