New R4BP 3 version offers easier submission processes and improved communication tasks

The biocides submission tool, R4BP 3, has been updated to provide more flexibility and improved display and search functionalities. The tool also has an enhanced communication and notification system for national authorities. New features for companies: Grouped administrative changes can be made for national, Union and simplified authorisation. Amend or cancel simplified authorisation notifications. Case owners and asset owners can transfer a case. Applicants can withdraw from a case. New case types: Amend active substance entry in Annex I. Notify unexpected or adverse effect on health and the environment for Union authorisation. Add or remove participants to the review program. New features for national authorities: Authorise for a limited time the use of certain biocidal products containing an active substance that is not approved to deal with a sudden threat (for example a specific sanitary emergency). Communicate with all concerned Member States in a mutual recognition case. Extend deadlines for resubmission without opening a new resubmission request. Member States concerned are automatically notified when the reference Member State has closed a mutual recognition case. New case type: request revision for approval of active substance initiated by Commission If you had a deadline in R4BP 3 during its maintenance break 11-14 June, the deadline has been automatically extended by four days. Further information is available at: More about the new features Updated submission manuals R4BP 3 portal SPC Editor tool

ECHA, 14 June 2017 ; ;