New REACH registration statistics available

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is now publishing detailed statistics on the origin and types of REACH registration dossiers and registered substances. This will improve the understanding of the registration activity by the European public. ECHA will update the statistics every month. The new statistics on REACH registrations provide various breakdowns of the total volume of registrations received from June 2008 until 31 August 2012. The total registration volume also includes notifications of substances submitted under the previous European chemicals legislation (NONS) and are considered to be registered under REACH. ECHA is publishing this information to respond to enquiries received from stakeholders on the progress of the registration process. The Agency hopes that by publishing the origin and types of the registrations received it is enhancing transparency. The data includes: the overall number of registrations and registered substances (phase-in, non phase-in); the number of substances notified to Member State competent authorities under the previous European chemicals legislation (Directive 67/548/EEC) and their current status under REACH; the number of registrations by: registration type (full registration or intermediate registration); joint submissions or individual submissions; company size; company role in the supply chain; EU/EEA countries. the most frequently registered substances; the registered substances by total tonnage band. The statistics are published on the ECHA website under the ‘Information on chemicals’ section, and can also be downloaded as PDF documents. The substances identified by industry to be registered by 31 May 2013 can be found on the REACH 2013 campaign page.

ECHA, 3 October 2012 ; ;