New tasks, fees on agenda as Commission issues ‘call for evidence’ on Echa Regulation


The European Commission has launched a call for evidence ahead of a proposal for a new standalone Regulation to redefine Echa’s financing and operating model, which could introduce new fees for industry.

A key plank of the EU’s ‘better regulation’ agenda, the call for evidence outlines the aims and objectives of the new initiative. If approved, the Regulation would supersede the ‘agency’ chapter in title X of REACH which sets out the way Echa and its committees operate within the law.

The tasks assigned to the agency have increased and become more complex over the years, and this is expected to continue due to a likely increase in the number of existing tasks and new tasks deriving from the implementation of the chemicals strategy for sustainability (CSS), the Commission said.

The new ‘basic’ Regulation will aim to tackle these difficulties by clarifying the legal framework to make Echa “work more effectively, efficiently and coherently”, the EU executive said in the call for evidence.

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Chemical Watch, 15-09-22