New version of ePIC now available – changes for companies notifying exports of mixtures

An update of the IT tool used for submitting export and import notifications under the Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Regulation has now been published. It includes a change for companies notifying mixtures which contain a substance included in an Annex I group entry. An example of such a mixture would be one containing the substance cadmium chloride (EC 233-296-7; CAS 10108-64-2), which belongs to the “Cadmium and its compounds” group in Annex I. To submit notifications for these mixtures, ePIC now requires that the company provides a CAS or EC number of the actual substance used in the mixture instead of just referring to the generic group entry. This will help to clearly identify the substance already in the notification (and not only in the safety data sheet), ensure faster decision making for the importing country as well as simplify Article 10 reporting for companies as ePIC will automatically prefill the substance information. Further information is available at: ePIC (login and manuals).

ECHA, 15 October 2015 ; ;