New version of REACH-IT is online

The new version of REACH-IT is to be used to submit registration and other dossiers to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). Industry should be aware that from now on ECHA can only accept IUCLID dossiers prepared with IUCLID 5.4. This applies to all dossier types prepared in IUCLID and submitted via REACH-IT or through a webform (e.g. Application for authorisation, Request for an alternative chemical name). Dossiers made without IUCLID, such as online inquiry, are not affected by this change. The manuals for creating, checking, and submitting IUCLID dossiers using REACH IT or the webforms (i.e. Data Submission Manuals and REACH-IT Industry User Manuals) have been updated and are available on ECHA’s website. In addition, upgraded IUCLID plug-ins are available to help registrants to prepare their IUCLID 5.4 dossiers (i.e. the Business Rules/Technical Completeness Check, Fee Calculation and Dissemination plug-ins). These plug-ins are available on the IUCLID website. ECHA encourages companies to always check their IUCLID dossiers using the relevant plug-ins before submission to ECHA. ECHA will publish a second news alert in the coming days focusing on the dissemination and confidentiality aspects with IUCLID 5.4, including key advice to industry related to the publication of SDS information. The updated manuals related to the dissemination of information and confidentiality requests (Data Submission Manual 15 and Data Submission Manual 16) will be made available in parallel with this second news alert. REACH-IT opening hours are from Monday 10:00 to Friday 21:00 (EET), except for ECHA public holidays. Further information is available at: REACH-IT: IUCLID website:

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