Poison centres quick access to accurate information saves lives


More than half a million calls are made to European poison centres every year. In some countries, poison centres respond mainly to questions from healthcare professionals. In others, they give direct advice to concerned citizens. In both cases, quick access to accurate information is a must. Three experts working for national authorities tell how they expect the new information requirements to help poison centres and what companies should keep in mind when preparing their notifications.

To improve the protection of citizens across the EU and ensure a level playing field for companies, harmonised information requirements for notifying hazardous mixtures under the Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) Regulation start to apply from 1 January 2021. This will replace the national implementations of the regulation that will be in place until then.

Mette Ekeland, Senior Adviser at the Norwegian Poisons Information Centre welcomes the change as information is key when it comes to poison centre work. “Our average call time is four minutes. During this time, we have to find out what has happened, find information on the product, make an assessment of what needs to be done and explain this to the caller. To manage all this in such a short time, we need immediate access to product information,” she explains.

ECHA Newsletter, 29 May 2020
; https://newsletter.echa.europa.eu/home/-/newsletter/entry/poison-centres-quick-access-to-accurate-information-saves-lives