Public consultation on harmonise classification and labelling

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is looking for comments on the harmonised classification and labelling proposals for boric acid and various borates as follows:

  • boric acid [1] (EC 233-139-2 [1], CAS 10043-35-3 [1]) and boric acid [2] (EC 234-343-4 [2], CAS 11113-50-1 [2]);
  • diboron trioxide; boric oxide (EC 215-125-8, CAS 1303-86-2);
  • disodium tetraborate, anhydrous; boric acid, disodium salt [1] (EC 215-540-4 [1], CAS 1330-43-4 [1]); tetraboron disodium heptaoxide, hydrate [2] (EC 235-541-3 [2], CAS 12267-73-1 [2]); orthoboric acid, sodium salt [3] (EC 237-560-2 [3], CAS 13840-56-7 [3]);
  • disodium tetraborate decahydrate; borax decahydrate (EC 215-540-4, CAS 1303-96-4); and
  • disodium tetraborate pentahydrate; borax pentahydrate (EC 215-540-4, CAS 12179-04-3).

These substances are industrial chemicals used as intermediates for the production of other chemicals, or as substances in the manufacture of, for example, glasses, metals, cements, lubricants, greases, inks and cleaning products. Some borates are also active substances in biocidal products used as antimicrobials and wood preservative agents. Comments are invited on the proposal to remove specific concentration limits and to harmonise a common generic concentration limit for boric acid and borates. The deadline for comments is 22 February 2019. Further information is available at:

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ECHA News, 12 December 2018 ;