REACH 2018: Prepare your registration dossiers in IT format

Preparing the registration dossier is the fifth phase of the European Chemicals Agency’s REACH 2018 Roadmap. Companies registering the same substance are advised to continue to cooperate in this phase of the preparatory work. Two types of dossiers can be prepared for submission in IT format: the lead registrant dossier includes information specific for the lead’s company and information that has been agreed by all the registrants, such as the classification and labelling of the substance and the (robust) study summaries. The other members of the joint submission need to create a member registration dossier with their company-specific information, such as the exact identity of their substance and its uses. The lead registration dossier can only be created in the new IUCLID 6 software, which is available for free on the IUCLID website. The member registration dossier can be created in IUCLID 6 as well, but also directly in the new REACH-IT, without having to install IUCLID. The new generation of these tools has been tested by industry users who confirmed that they are easier to use than the previous generation. IUCLID 6 contains an extensive help system within the tool itself – soon available in 23 EU languages. This allows the user to get targeted help while filling in the data. Registrants can check the completeness of their information with a verification tool called the Validation Assistant, which is available within IUCLID. This tool will also report potential inconsistencies, which can be fixed before submitting the registration to ECHA. An introduction to the IUCLID software and practical advice on how to create a dossier in IUCLID or directly in REACH-IT, is now available on ECHA’s website. The IUCLID 6 and REACH-IT 3 user manuals are also available – soon in 23 EU languages. A webinar on the fifth phase of the REACH 2018 Roadmap will take place on 4 October. It will guide participants through the different steps of creating a registration dossier in IUCLID. It will show how to install the software and how to verify that all required information has been filled in. Instructions will also be given on how a member registrant can prepare their dossier in REACH-IT. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions from ECHA’s experts. Background The last REACH registration deadline will be on 31 May 2018. This deadline concerns companies that manufacture or import chemical substances in low volumes, between 1-100 tonnes per year. ECHA’s REACH 2018 Roadmap splits the registration into seven phases and describes the milestones of each phase and support that the Agency plans to give to registrants. Companies should start their preparations early enough. ECHA’s REACH 2018 web pages serve as a one-stop-shop for all material to help companies prepare. Further information is available at: Register now: REACH 2018 webinar 4 October: Prepare your registration as a IUCLID dossier REACH 2018 special e-News Download IUCLID 6 Manuals on preparing REACH dossiers REACH 2018 web pages, infographic and leaflets Support – Creating your registration dossier Getting started with EU chemicals legislation

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