REACH-IT update at the end of April – downtime before

The European Chemicals Agency dossier submission tool, REACH-IT, will be updated on 25 April. The update will focus mainly on increasing the capacity of the system to handle the large number of dossiers expected for the 2018 deadline. It also includes a new submission type for the alternative chemical name requests under the CLP Regulation. To manage the update, we will close REACH-IT from Thursday 20 April at 14.00 (EET) to Tuesday 25 April at 10.00 (EET). Regulatory deadlines that may affect companies during the closing period (e.g. completeness check deadlines) will be moved to 25 April. Similarly, any completeness check deadlines falling during the Easter closure, 14 April to 17 April, will be moved to the 18 April. ECHA advices registrants to pay attention to their messages in REACH-IT in the days before the closure, in particular those that are undergoing a dossier evaluation or substance evaluation assessment. The last major update of REACH-IT before the 2018 deadline is expected to be in October 2017.

ECHA Weekly, 29 March 2017 ; ;