Share information about REACH 2018 – new leaflet and infographic available

Do you know companies who are dealing with chemicals and might need to register them with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) to stay on the market after May 2018? Do you know companies who know their obligations but have not yet started the work? Share the information from our REACH 2018 web pages and remind them of their tasks with our new leaflet and infographic. Remember also that preparing a registration can take anything between six months to three years. So, starting as soon as possible is key to a successful registration. The leaflet and infographic are available in 23 EU languages on our REACH 2018 web pages. If you want to print the leaflet for your REACH-related event, send a request for a print-ready file to REACH 2018 web pages

ECHA enews, 18 November 2015 ; ;