Stakeholders’ Day presentations available

The European Chemical Agency’s (ECHA) two-day Stakeholders’ Day conference offered registrants, in particular SMEs, the most up-to-date advice, guidance and case studies to help them register successfully for the REACH 2018 deadline. The programme on 4 April 2017 featured a workshop “From zero to registration” presenting the REACH 2018 registration phases with new practical examples and key advice for each phase. Participants also got an overview of the Chemical Safety Assessment and Reporting tool, Chesar, and the new version of the QSAR Toolbox. The afternoon continued with training on IUCLID and the REACH-IT applications, used for preparing registrations. The training is intended for anyone preparing to register for the REACH 2018 registration deadline. The 5 April programme featured three main topics: REACH 2018 – one year to go, case studies for successful registration and using chemicals safer in Europe. The presentations are available on ECHA’s website and a video recording of both the plenary and training sessions will follow shortly. Copies of the presentations are available at: Presentations on the event page

ECHA, 4 April 2017 ; ;