Sunset date for Chromium VI compounds approaches – what should downstream users do?

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has published on its website a Question & Answer to clarify the legal obligations for downstream users of Chromium VI compounds after the sunset date which is 21 September 2017. Downstream users can continue using Chromium VI compounds after the sunset of the substance even if the Commission has not decided to grant or not to grant an authorisation. This continuation is possible if a company up their supply chain has applied for an authorisation for their use before the latest application date, which was 21 March 2016. As long as the authorisation is pending, the downstream users do not need to do anything extra. Once the Commission has made its decision, and if an authorisation is granted, downstream users will need to notify their use to ECHA. Companies with questions can contact ECHA:

Further information is available at:

Question & Answer: The European Commission has not yet decided on the application for authorisation for the substance of my supplier. The sunset date is approaching or is even passed. What should I do?

ECHA, 23 August 2017 ;