Time to break up with toxic makeup


The fact that the EU’s cosmetic regulation is terrible is one of Europe’s worst-kept secrets. It allows for using several well-known hazardous chemicals in the products we apply to our faces. The good thing is that the Commission has promised to change it. But the current public consultation makes us wonder: Where do the ambitions lie?

As a part of the Commission’s Chemical Strategy, it has promised to revise the Cosmetics Regulation. It has been evident for a long time that the current legislation is insufficient as it allows for cosmetic products with harmful substances to the environment and humans, such as PFAS and hormone disruptors. As a result, substitution of the most harmful chemicals has obviously not occurred at the expected pace.

Even though there is an awareness of the problem with the Cosmetics Regulation, the way the question is formulated in the current public consultation makes us wonder how high the ambitions for this revision are set.

The first question, for example, is about whether or not you would be comfortable buying cosmetics if they contained chemicals that could cause cancer or damage your immune system, or your neurological system. The fact that it is not a rhetorical question makes it absurd. No person on this planet would prefer cosmetics that contain chemicals that can cause cancer over one that doesn’t (surprise!).

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Chemsec, 16-06-22
; https://chemsec.org/time-to-break-up-with-toxic-makeup/