Use maps web page launched

A realistic and relevant basis for chemical safety assessments is crucial for registrants and downstream users. Industry has developed a mechanism for providing information on uses and conditions of use to registrants. This is called the Sector Use Maps Package. Templates for developing use maps and the exposure assessment inputs for workers and consumers (called SWEDs and SCEDs respectively) are ready to use. Templates for the environment are also being finalised (SPERCs). The next step is for downstream user sector organisations to use these templates to generate or update use maps for their most common uses and to make their use maps available to registrants. Registrants can then use them when preparing chemical safety reports (CSRs). This activity is taking place as part of the ECHA-stakeholder CSR/ES Roadmap initiative. Further information is available at: Use maps web page

ECHA Weekly, 16 March 2016 ; ;