Whgy are safer chemicals so essential to the circular economy? Why do we need more clarity on harmful chemicals in products?


The EU Green Deal aims to create a sustainable society with a competitive and innovative economy. This cannot be done without changing the chemicals we produce and the way we produce, use and reuse them.

Our online event focuses on three main topics:

Safer chemicals for a greener Europe

Tracking substances of concern

Harmonised information for poison centres

Start the day with an outlook on how EU chemicals policies are contributing to a more sustainable society.

Practical advice, demos and company case studies on reporting to European poison centres and to the new SCIP database on substances of concern in products will help you meet the new obligations on harmful chemicals in 2021.

The full content of the event will be available on Tuesday, 2 June 2020 at 9:00 Helsinki time. It will remain available online after the event.

ECHA, 1 June 2020
; https://echa.europa.eu/-/join-us-online-to-discuss-safer-chemicals