Window to claim registration numbers for NONS now closed


Companies had until 17 July 2022 to claim the registration numbers assigned to their notifications of new substances (NONS). By the deadline, over 4 700 numbers remained unclaimed. These registration numbers can no longer be claimed or used by registrants.

Helsinki, 31 October 2022 – In 2008, ECHA assigned registration numbers to all substances notified under the Dangerous Substances Directive, for use by registrants under REACH. By 17 July 2022, almost half of the registration numbers remained unclaimed. The vast majority of registration numbers for NONS were claimed in 2008 and 2009, with claiming activity being very low in the past few years. A third of the unclaimed registration numbers stem from NONS made to the competent authority of the United Kingdom.

The unclaimed registration numbers cover 2 843 substances, mostly registered in low volumes and presumably already abandoned by their manufacturers or importers before 2008. 1 500 substances were covered only by registrations that were not claimed, suggesting these substances are not on the EU market at a volume requiring registration.

The information ECHA holds on the unclaimed NONS will remain available on ECHA’s public database on chemicals. The database will, however, be updated to reflect that the registration numbers that remained unclaimed for these substances are not valid.

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ECHA, 02-11-22