1080 reports are due from stockists

After the criminal threat to use 1080 to contaminate infant and other formula the New Zealand Government introduced tighter controls on high purity forms of sodium fluoroacetate (1080). One control requires all laboratories and places of work holding any stocks of 1080 at any time in a calendar year, to provide an annual report to us by 31 March of the following year, beginning with the 2015 year. Reports for the 2015 calendar year are due by 31 March 2016 and must cover the period from 12 March 2015 (when the new requirement came into force) to 31 December 2015. All subsequent years from 2016 onwards will be for the period 1 January to 31 December. The new controls on 1080 require tracking records to be kept and you should have been recording the relevant information already. It is important to keep good records to ensure you’re able to meet the annual reporting requirements. Your records should include:

  • tracking of the quantity of 1080 you’re holding;
  • the name of your supplier;
  • the purpose(s) for which the 1080 was obtained; and
  • details of any movement of the 1080 (transfer or disposal).

NZ EPA have provided a form on the website to help you meet your 1080 annual report requirements. There is also more information about the new requirements on the website.

NZ EPA Bulletin, February 2016 ;http://www.epa.govt.nz ;