15 Substances Appended to South Korea’s GHS Classification List

On 5 November 2018, South Korea’s National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER) announced by NIER Announcement No. 2018-44 the updates to the GHS Classification List. The classification information, pictograms, signal words, hazard statements, M factors and UN No., of 15 toxic chemical substances (Given No. 2018-1-855~2018-1-869) were newly added to the list. The 15 substances were finished for the toxicity assessment and designated as toxic chemical substances on 12 October 2018. In addition, the Korean chemical names of two substances (Given No. 2017-1-774, 2018-1-829) were updated. The updates details are available here(in hwp format).

Chemlinked, 13 November 2018 ; http://chemlinked.com/en/news