2016 Toxic Substances Control Act Reporting

The 2016 Toxic Substances Control Act, TSCA, reports for chemical manufacturers are due by 30 September 2016. Production volumes of chemicals manufactured are included in this report. Under TSCA the import of a chemical is considered manufacturing. Unlike previous years, the manufacturers are required to report production volumes from 2012 through 2015. In previous reports only the previous calendar year was required. To check the status of a specific chemical, to determine whether if the reporting threshold is 2,500 lbs or 25,000 lbs, the US EPA has provided the following website. This website allows you to look up a specific chemical to see the chemical’s reporting threshold. For chemicals manufactured/imported above the threshold in 2015, addition data will be required. This data includes manufacturing information and processing and use information (divided into Industrial Processing and Use and Consumer and Commercial Use). A paper copy of the form is available here. For the years 2012 through 2014, only the production volumes need to be reported. Once again, US EPA will utilise the Central Data Exchange (CDX) for electronic filing of the 2016 TSCA report. The CDX system requires that paper signature is on file for the primary authorised official, so adequate time should be permitted if the primary authorized official has changed. Additional information and support for the 2016 TSCA reporting is available here.

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