A chemical fix: Polartec takes stand against toxic ‘PFAS’ treatments


The textile manufacturer’s decision to ditch PFAS will add to its sustainability portfolio and affect a wide range of brands.

In a move that will impact a massive swath of the outdoor industry, Polartec announced Wednesday it will fully eliminate PFAS (per- and polyfluoralkyl substances) from its DWR treatments. The change affects the brand’s entire line of DWR performance fabrics and goes into effect immediately.

Its new, more sustainable treatment will be used in its Hardface, Power Shield, Power Shield Pro, NeoShell, and Windbloc products. The technology will also extend to fleece and insulation treatments on products like Thermal Pro and Alpha.

Polartec claims that introducing the alternative treatment will constitute no performance loss in its products’ water repellency or durability. But while performance ramifications may be minimal, the overall effect in the industry will not.

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Gear Junkie, 15 July 2021
; https://gearjunkie.com/apparel/polartec-drops-pfas