ACC applauds passage of California legislation to address plastic waste exports


The American Chemistry Council (ACC) applauds the California Legislature for passing AB 881, legislation authored by Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego), which strengthens requirements to help ensure that only plastics which are truly recycled are included within California’s recycling metrics. ACC supported AB 881 throughout the legislative process and urges Governor Gavin Newsom (D) to sign the bill.

“ACC and its member companies are committed to eliminating plastic waste in our environment,” said Joshua Baca, vice president for plastics at ACC. “AB 881 supports this objective by establishing a more accurate baseline of recycling rates for industry and government to take further action, including increasing access to waste collection and recycling; supporting deployment of technologies, such as advanced recycling, to increase the circularity of plastics; and supporting innovation in product and packaging design to improve recyclability and increase the use of recycled materials in new packaging,” said Baca.

ACC recently announced Five Actions for Sustainable Change to accelerate a more circular economy for plastics. Proposed Action Three, developing a national recycling standard, depends on accurate data reporting and reliable metrics, which AB 881 will greatly improve in California and lay the groundwork for a more circular economy nationally.

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~sAmerican Chemistry Council, 7 September 2021