Advice for GB-based companies intending to export chemicals listed in the PIC Regulation (EU 649/2012) in the period immediately after the end of the Transition Period


Key points following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU:

Exports of PIC-listed chemicals will be subject to the GB PIC requirements from 1 January 2021. The GB PIC regime is based on the existing EU PIC regime and similar rules will apply.

HSE continues to be the PIC Designated National Authority (DNA) for Great Britain.

GB-based exporters will no longer have access to ePIC and will use the replacement GB procedures for submitting export notifications.

Chemicals subject to the regulation will form the GB PIC list. When the new requirements come into force, the chemicals in the GB PIC list will be the same as those in Annexes I and V of the EU PIC Regulation.

GB PIC will apply to exports of listed chemicals to the EU countries as well as other countries.

Under the Northern Ireland Protocol, GB PIC will apply to movements of listed chemicals between GB and NI. A PIC export notification for supply to NI will cover both movement of that chemical to NI and export to any EU country.

Transitional arrangements for exports in early 2021

As part of our planning for the end of the Transition Period (TP), HSE, the PIC Designated National Authority (DNA) is putting in place some interim arrangements to allow GB-based companies to notify exports of PIC chemicals in the immediate period following the end of the TP on 31 December.

Notifying exports ahead of the GB PIC regime entering into force will help to minimise any disruption to trade.

These transitional arrangements will only apply to the first export of the chemical or product in 2021 and where the intended date of export is between:

1 January and 8 February inclusive for chemicals listed in Part 1 of Annex I to the EU PIC Regulation ((EU) 649/2012) and

1 January and 8 March for chemicals listed in Parts 2 and 3 of Annex I to the EU PIC Regulation

Exports outside of these periods should be notified from 1 January using the new GB PIC procedures. Further information about these will be published on HSE’s website.

GB-based companies should not use the EU’s ePIC system for notifying exports from GB planned for 2021. These exports will be subject to the GB PIC requirements. Any pending notification procedures involving exporters in Great Britain will be discontinued by ECHA at the end of the transition period.

How to notify exports under the transitional arrangements

If you are intending to export a PIC listed chemical where the intended date of export falls within the transitional arrangements timescales set out above, and you haven’t already been contacted by HSE, we advise you to contact us as soon as possible at to request a GB PIC export notification form and further information.

The GB notification forms are similar to those that are used in ePIC.

Exports should be notified at least 35 days before the intended date of export to ensure that we have enough time to process them and forward them to the importing country. If the chemical you are exporting additionally requires the consent of the importing country, we would advise you to submit the notification as soon as possible to allow enough time for us to seek consent on your behalf.

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Health and Safety Executive, 9 November 2020