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We’re now four months into our new scheme, and I’m four weeks into my new role as Acting Executive Director of AICIS. I’d like to thank my predecessor, Dr Brian Richards, for his incredible commitment and leadership during his eight-year tenure. We wish him well in retirement.

As we head towards the end of this calendar year, a key priority is improving our efficiency and developing our IT systems so that more of our processes are online.

With that in mind, our annual declaration and post-introduction declaration forms will be available on AICIS Business Services in the next IT release slated for the end of November. This is an essential part of our new scheme and I know many introducers have been inquiring about these features. Although every introducer must submit an annual declaration form, it is only required to be submitted at the end of the registration year.

It’s also encouraging to see our stakeholders successfully using our existing suite of online services. To illustrate this point, we’ve already received about 170 pre-introduction reports through the Business Services portal.

Many stakeholders have asked questions or requested advice on aspects of the new scheme, so we’ve published a series of online guides to walk you through the process of categorising your chemical importation and manufacture and categorising chemical introductions that have been assessed overseas; plus a host of extra resources to help you categorise your introduction. We continue to work on guidance based on your comments, so please keep giving us your feedback.

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Australian Government Department of Health, 30 October 2020