Amendments to the HSNO Act


The HSNO (Hazardous Substances Assessments) Amendment Bill, which has passed its final reading, will improve the process for assessing hazardous substances and make it more transparent.

Process changes from HSNO Amendment Bill

The package of amendments included in the Bill significantly improves our assessment processes, creating a safe new rapid pathway for approvals that draws on information from trusted international sources.

Introducing new substances that are safer and more environmentally friendly will be quicker and easier, while still being subject to comprehensive risk assessments.

Reassessments to change hazard classifications and controls for existing hazardous substances can be completed faster via a simplified process to align with a trusted international regulator.

During reassessments, we can also put in place additional rules for specific uses of a substance if there are significant concerns about the impacts on people and the environment.

Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (Hazardous Substances Assessments) Amendment Bill – NZ Legislation website

Using information from international regulators

Two new pathways for assessing new substances have been created:

We can approve a new substance via a rapid pathway if the same use has been approved by a trusted international regulator, unless it will have significant cultural, environmental and human health effects.

We can amend a hazard classification or control of an existing substance via a simplified modified reassessment to align with a trusted international regulator.

Criteria for selecting appropriate international regulators are included in the Bill, and we will develop a list of these regulators with input from a public consultation process.

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EPA New Zealand, 04-11-22