Application to further extend methyl bromide recapture deadline granted


The timber industry group Stakeholders In Methyl Bromide Reduction (STIMBR) has been granted an additional four months on the recapture deadline for the fumigant methyl bromide.

The gas is mainly used to disinfect logs and timber products destined for export. It is a toxic and ozone-depleting substance.

Recapture was required by October 2020. STIMBR applied for and was granted a waiver, and the decision-making committee (DMC) directed that the new date for compliance was April 2021, on the grounds that a modified reassessment is underway to consider the definition and timing of recapture rules.

STIMBR then applied for a further extension, citing the need for certainty about log exports to India while a decision on the modified reassessment is pending. Parties involved in the modified reassessment were given an opportunity to provide feedback on this application.

The DMC has now set the recapture deadline for 28 August 2021. This date will be superceded when a decision on the modified reassessment of methyl bromide is delivered in early 2021.

The modified reassessment was initiated by STIMBR. Its scope is limited to the controls of use for methyl bromide, including recapture. The approval to import or manufacture the gas cannot be revoked as part of this modified reassessment.

We are committed to being completely transparent in the reassessment process. All of the material before the decision-making committee is available on our website.

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New Zealand EPA, 12 November 2020