APVMA approvals up as regulator clears the application backlog for agvet chemicals

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has maintained its improved performance while clearing a backlog of major applications, ensuring safe and effective agricultural and veterinary (agvet) chemicals reach the market. For the September 2018 quarter, the APVMA finalised 86 per cent of applications within statutory timeframes. This is the fifth straight quarter of timeframe performance improvement. APVMA Chief Executive Officer, Dr Chris Parker, said five quarters of improved operational performance demonstrated the authority’s commitment to deliver quality regulatory decisions that support agricultural productivity, animal health, human safety and environmental outcomes. “In the three months spanning July and September our scientists finalised 996 applications to register new agricultural and veterinary chemical products, permits and actives,” Dr Parker said. “This is the highest number of applications completed in a single quarter since September 2017 and the second highest completion rate in over three years. “These results are a credit to our staff who have worked diligently to clear the backlog of overdue applications. “Work in progress has reduced significantly. It’s the lowest we’ve had in years, which means we will be able to focus our efforts on meeting timeframes for the assessment of new applications coming in the doors. “The results for major agvet chemical applications have dipped in this quarter and that can be expected because we are finalising applications that have progressed past the statutory deadline. “We must improve the timely assessment of major applications for new and innovative agvet chemical products, but robust science takes time and one thing we won’t do is compromise the safety of people, animals and the environment,” Dr Parker said. The APVMA continues to implement the priority recommendations of the Independent Review of Assessment Performance which will ensure improved performance is sustained into the future. APVMA assessment data links application quality with timely assessment outcomes. To help improve application quality, the APVMA has tailored the guidance material available on its website and has revised module descriptors to make applications more streamlined. Further work is progressing to consult stakeholders on revised risk assessment manuals that make chemical assessment and registration more transparent and improve the predictability of regulatory decision making.

In the September 2018 quarter, the APVMA:

  • commenced the assessment of 757 product, permit and active applications,
  • finalised 996 applications for products, permits and actives.
  • Timeframe performance for product, active and permit applications increased to 86 per cent, up from 85 per cent in the previous quarter,
  • Pesticide product applications at 80 per cent completed on time, up from 77 per cent last quarter.
  • Veterinary product applications at 88 per cent completed on time, up from 84 per cent last quarter.
  • Active constituent applications at 96 per cent completed on time, up from 95 percent in the June quarter and 82 per cent in the March quarter.

APVMA News, 27 November 2017 ; http://www.apvma.gov.au