Australia Group Common Control List: Chemical Weapons Precursors updated

In July 2017, the Australia Group (AG) Common Control List: Chemical Weapons Precursors was updated, adding the following substance to the list:

  • N,N-Diisopropylaminoethanol hydrochloride [CAS# 63051-68-3]

The AG is an informal forum of countries, focusing on harmonisation of export controls as a means of ensuring that such exports do not contribute to the development and proliferation of chemical and biological weapons (CBW). AG participants believe their involvement in the group to be an effective means of implementing the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) objectives of counteracting threats relating to chemical weapons. An important aspect of AG is the use of Common Control Lists. These focus upon dual-use materials, equipment, technology, and software, offering guidelines for their responsible transfer and providing a framework for effective chemical and biological trade controls. One such list is based on Chemical Weapons Precursors. These refer to chemical starting materials utilised to create CW agents. The majority of these materials are also dual use chemicals that vary in use throughout the commercial industry.

Chemtrac, 1 August 2017 ;