Australia’s AICIS extends deadline for evaluation of dechlorane plus


Australia’s Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme has pushed back its timeframe for evaluating dechlorane plus by a year. Originally scheduled on the regulator’s rolling action plan for publication in June, it is now not expected until 30 June 2023.

Dechlorane plus – a flame retardant mainly used in motor vehicles – is being considered for global action for its “associated harmful impacts, including oxidative damage, neurodevelopmental toxicity and endocrine disruption”, according to the Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) Review Committee of the Stockholm Convention.

The AICIS said that it has extended the deadline to allow it to take into account the outcome of a critical long-term aquatic toxicity study, the UK is currently conducting. It expects the release of the study’s findings to coincide with the international meeting that informs decisions under the Stockholm Convention.

It said that timeframes are only relevant to substances subject to evaluations initiated by the regulator’s executive director, and listed on its rolling action plan. With the exception of dechlorane plus, “no substances that are subjects of Stockholm-related proposals or processes have been initiated for evaluation at this time,” the AICIS added.

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Chemical Watch, 25-08-22