Back to school with safe drinking water


While school was out, the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) helped them make sure drinking water was safe upon students’ return to the classroom. Throughout the school year – and especially during summer break – EGLE works with schools to provide technical assistance, guidance and resources for schools who reach out for help or want more information on their drinking water quality.

EGLE created the school drinking water program to promote healthy drinking water in school and childcare buildings,” says Holly Gohlke, school drinking water coordinator. Funds for the program are geared toward schools and childcare facilities.

Since September of 2020 when the program started, 206 schools and childcare facilities have participated in it. “Since this is entirely a volunteer program, I applaud the facilities that have reached out to EGLE to get their water tested for lead, and for those that had elevated test results, pursued reducing the risk of lead for the health and welfare of the children they serve,” Gohlke added.

Gohlke explained the program in detail on an episode of Central Michigan University’s Charter Central Podcast.

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