Can California Stop Selling Polluting Cars by 2035? Yes It Can.


California’s air pollution regulator, the Air Resources Board, is poised to adopt one of the most important steps that the state has ever taken to reduce exposure to air pollution and limit climate changing emissions. The Advanced Clean Cars II (ACCII) regulations are the newest version of clean air rules for passenger vehicles and are the culmination of over 50 years of work to address the harm from tailpipe pollution in the state.

California is already experiencing climate change with extreme drought and destructive wildfires. We also have the worst air quality in the nation, causing avoidable suffering from disease and early deaths. If we want to clean our air and slow global warming, we need to greatly reduce emissions from passenger cars and trucks. In California, these vehicles produce more than one quarter of the state’s human-caused emissions, more than agriculture and commercial and residential buildings combined.

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The Equation, 22-08-22