Canada consults on copper thiocyanate re-evaluation

Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has opened a public consultation on its proposal to renew registration for copper thiocyanate in antifouling paints. The biocidal substance is undergoing a standard re-evaluation, according to the rules of Canada’s Pest Control Products Act. In its proposed re-evaluation decision, PMRA says copper thiocyanate is eligible to stay on the Canadian market because its human health and environmental risks are acceptable. The substance has low toxicity and low potential for exposure when products containing it are applied according to the label directions, the agency says. It expects aquatic environments to be exposed to copper leachates from treated boats. But when used as directed, the potential risk is acceptable, it says. Antifouling paints based on copper thiocyanate are the only ones registered in Canada for use on aluminium boats. PMRA says they protect boats from fouling organisms at a lower copper concentration than other such copper-based paints. The agency’s proposed re-evaluation decision includes new labelling rules for copper thiocyanate products. Labels will need to include statements on:

  • personal protective equipment;
  • directions for use;
  • environmental hazards;
  • storage; and
  • disposal for both commercial and domestic end-use products.

A public consultation on PMRA’s proposal is open until 15 January. Further information is available at: PMRA consultation

Chemical Watch, 6 November 2018 ;