Change to lead risk notifications


The way to notify SafeWork SA of lead exposure has changed following the introduction of an electronic reporting system.

Businesses must notify SafeWork SA of any lead risk work within 7 days of the risk determination or if a determination in unable to be made.

This applies even if the work is short-term, such as abrasive blasting of lead paint from a structure.

The Work Health and Safety (Blood Lead Removal Levels) Variation Regulations 2019 reduced the notification levels of the allowable blood lead levels in workplaces and were agreed nationally.

Lead risk work is work that is likely to cause a worker’s blood lead level to exceed:

  • 5µg/dL (0.24µmol/L) for a female of reproductive capacity, or
  • 20µg/dL (0.97µmol/L) for other cases.

There are two regulatory notifications to SafeWork SA in relation to Lead Risk Work:

Notification of Lead Risk Work

Notification of Removal of a Worker from Lead Risk Work.

Previously, both notifications were made via email submission of the relevant completed PDF form.

From 17 October 2022, the PDF notification forms will no longer be available on the SafeWork SA website and notification requirements will be made via submission of a completed electronic form, directly through the SafeWork SA website.

The single iApply form aims to streamline and make the notification process more user friendly, whilst reducing the number of incomplete or inappropriate notifications.

In 2021-22 SafeWork SA received 24 notifications of lead risk work and 43 notifications of removal of workers from lead risk work.

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SafeWork SA, 17-10-22