Check your Safety Data Sheets are up to date

New Zealand’s Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) is reminding importers and manufacturers of hazardous substances about their duties to provide current information about hazardous substances in the form of a Safety Data Sheet (SDS). An SDS is an important information source for ensuring safety when using hazardous substances. The SDS must be prepared before manufacturing or importing a hazardous substance.


An SDS must be in English and state:

  • the name of the supplier, along with New Zealand contact details, including an emergency contact (section 1 of the SDS);
  • a description of the hazards of the substance, which may include its HSNO hazard classification (section 2 of the SDS);
  • the HSNO approval number and/or title of the Group Standard (section 15 of the SDS).


Each SDS must also include information under each of the following headings:

  • Product and company identification(in New Zealand);
  • Hazard(s) identification;
  • Composition and information on ingredients;
  • First-aid measures;
  • Fire-fighting measures;
  • Spillage, accidental release measures;
  • Handling and storage;
  • Exposure controls and personal protection;
  • Physical and chemical properties;
  • Stability and reactivity;
  • Toxicological information;
  • Ecological information;
  • Disposal considerations;
  • Transport information;
  • Regulatory information (HSNO approval number);
  • Other


Other information

It is good practice to review SDSs at least once every five years. An SDS must be updated if there is new information available on the substance, including its hazardous properties and any relevant health and safety information. Further information is available at: Read more about Safety Data Sheets

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