China children’s cosmetics controls could see companies boycott market


Manufacturers of children’s cosmetics opposed to the use of animal testing will probably withdraw their products from the Chinese market if regulations currently out for consultation get the go ahead, industry experts have warned.

A draft of the Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Children’s Cosmetics, published by the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA), would mandate that toxicological tests cannot be waived in the case of cosmetics aimed at children.

“These requirements are a step back into animal testing and inhibit innovation with the restrictions on ingredients,” Garth Wyllie, technical executive director at Cosmetics New Zealand told Chemical Watch. He said that rather than reformulating, it is more likely companies would withdraw products from the market given the move to essentially require animal tests.

Mette Knudsen, CEO of Knudsen&CRC, added that the draft rules are giving Chinese brands a definite advantage “because most Western brands that are producing cosmetics for children and babies are against animal testing”.

Under the draft, only ingredients with a proven safety record can be used in children’s cosmetics. Those that are still being monitored or do not have “significant” safety data are not permitted for use, while new ingredients would be banned while they are being evaluated.

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Chemical Watch, 23 July 2021