China MEP Consults on Executing Special Limitations for Air Pollutants in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region

Previously, a joint conference was held in Beijing to discuss the VOC emission control in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region. On 18 May 2017, China MEP published a notice relating to the execution of special limitation for air pollutants in Beijin-Tianjin-Hebei region (BTH region) until 25 May 2017. From the public date, the BTH region is not required to act according to the special limitations for air pollutants in No.14 notice in 2013. Public feedback is being collected by WANG FENG(??) in Department of Air Environmental Management from MEP. The new notice requires wider coverage for both cities and industries, highlights as below: 1. Cover more cities in BTH region from 9 to 226 cities 2. a> Industries with the special limitations are all required to perform under these limitations including the following 25 industries/sub-industries: Thermal Power, Iron and Steel(Mining and mineral processing, Sintering and pelletizing, Iron smelt, Steel smelt, Steel rolling, Ferroalloy smelt), Coking chemicals, Petrochemical(Petroleum refining, Petroleum chemistry, Synthetic resin, caustic alkali and polyvinyl chloride), Chemical(Sulfuric acid, Nitric acid, Inorganic chemical), Non-ferrous(Aluminium, Lead &Zinc, Copper/Nickel/Cobalt, Magnesium &Titanium, Rare earths, Vanadium, Stannum/Antimony/Mercury, Secondary Copper/Aluminium/Lead/Zink), Cement, and Boiler. (check references at bottom to see special limitation for each industry). b> For industries without the existing special limitations like plate glass, ceramic, tile, etc., these standards plan to be revised for adding special limitations in order to improve the emission standards. 3. More pollutants are controlled under special limitations including: a> Normal pollutants like particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, oxynitride b> Other pollutants like VOC, heavy metals, etc. 4. Most industries are required to perform according to the special limitations from 1 October 2017 while following industries are considered needing more time in progress, thus the execution date will be from 1 June 2018: coking chemicals, sintering and pelletizing of iron and steel, glass, ceramic and tile. If an enterprise exceeds the special limitations in BTH region, they will face continuous daily punishment according to laws.

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