China publishes draft list of substances restricted in consumer products

China’s National Consumer Product Safety Commission has published a draft list of substances restricted in consumer products. China GB/T XXXX Safety requirements for hazardous chemicals in consumer products is mainly based on EU REACH Annex XVII and other existing national safety standards related to consumer products. For domestic consumer products whether national standards already exist, the limit values in the national standards are used. For products and hazardous substances for which there are no existing restrictions, the draft standard refers to the EU REACH Regulation, Toy Standards EN71, OEKO-TEX Standard 100, and other foreign standards. If adopted, the standard would restrict 103 chemical substances in various consumer products, including: toys, textiles, coatings, batteries, personal care products and furniture. An implementation date for the standard is not yet provided.

Chemtrac, 31 May 2017 ; ;