China released the list of chemicals under priority control (second batch)


China MEE issued the “List of Chemicals under Priority Control (second batch)” (the “Priority Chemicals”) on 2 Nov. 2020.

Chemicals listed in the “Priority Chemicals” are considered to be inherently hazardous, may exist in the environment for a long time and may pose greater environmental risks to the environment and human health. These chemicals will be restricted, phased out and replaced in production, use, import and export. There are no nickel related compounds in the “Priority Chemicals”.

Enterprises that use, produce or discharge chemicals listed in the “Priority Chemicals” shall, in accordance with the “Cleaner Production Promotion Law of the PRC” and the “Measures for Cleaner Production Review“, conduct cleaner production review mandatorily. These enterprises shall publicize enterprise information in a manner that is easily accessible to the public, including the names, quantities and uses of toxic and hazardous raw materials used, as well as the names, concentrations and quantities of toxic and hazardous substances discharged.

In addition, chemicals simultaneously listed in the “Priority Chemicals” and corresponding environmental management lists such as the “List of Toxic and Harmful Atmospheric Pollutants”, “List of Toxic and Harmful Water Pollutants” and “List of Toxic and Harmful Substances in Soil for Priority Control“, shall be managed in accordance with the “Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Control Law of the PRC“, the “Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law of the PRC” and the “Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Law of the PRC“.

With the introduction of relevant national standards, chemicals listed in the “Priority Chemicals” will be restricted to use in certain products, and be included in the “List of State-encouraged Substitutes for Toxic and Hazardous Raw Materials (Products)“.

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CIRS, 4 November 2020