China sets new assessment guidelines for environmental exposure

China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) has published a standard on government assessments of the exposure of non-occupational groups to environmental pollutants produced by enterprises and other institutions. It takes effect immediately. This technical guideline applies to chemical pollutants where exposure is via the air, drinking water, groundwater and soil. In essence, the standard outlines how to produce an exposure assessment report. It sets out the necessity of defining its purpose and scope, and the data sources and methods to be used. It also covers results, quality control methods required and the need to apply an “uncertainty analysis”. The standard says that any conclusion should clarify the pollutant concentration, route and degree of exposure and population group exposed (whether it is the general population or sensitive groups). It also sets out model parameters for calculating daily exposure levels for each method, that is: via skin, digestion, respiration and water use. The standard – Technical guideline for population exposure assessment of environmental pollutants – became effective on 24 November. A copy of the standard is available (in Chinese) at: Standard

Chemical Watch, 7 December 2017 ;