Clarifications on Thailand Existing Chemicals Inventory(s)

There are currently two versions of the Thailand Existing Chemicals Inventory: one which was published by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and another by the Department of Industrial Works (DIW). The FDA, as a secretariat of the National Committee on Strategy Development for Chemical Management, published the first volume of the Thailand Existing Chemical Inventory (TECI). This version of the inventory contains over 7000 single substances manufactured or imported into Thailand in B.E. 2555 (2012), as reported by various government agencies such as the Customs Department, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Fishery, and the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand. Each substance is assigned an identification number (TECI number). In addition, TECI contains information such as common and IUPAC names in English, substance name in Thai, Harmonised System (HS) code, regulatory control for certain chemicals, and production and import volume in 2012. On the contrary, the DIW’s inventory contains substances present in the Notification of the DIW titled, “List of Hazardous Substances.” Moreover, it contains substances whose activities (production or import) were notified to the agency between B.E. 2555-2558 (2012-2015). Enterprises are still able to nominate substances currently not present in this inventory by notifying the DIW. The number of substances in this inventory is unknown. To summarise, the difference between the inventories is their source of data. Both versions of the inventory serve as informative databases; both currently have no associated regulatory obligations, and neither takes precedence over the other. Further information is available at: Thailand Existing Chemicals Inventory Volume 1 (FDA’s version)

Preliminary of Thailand Existing Chemicals Inventory (DIW’s version)

ChemAdvisor, 22 August 2017 ;