Clethodim samples make the grade

The Australian pesticide and Veterinary Medicine Authority’s (APVMA) Compliance and Monitoring team are pleased with the results received following testing of clethodim products. In late June 2016, APVMA inspectors conducted random sampling of registered clethodim products supplied in the Central West region of New South Wales. Samples were obtained from rural retail stores and submitted to an authorised laboratory for chemical analysis. The labels and use instructions of the sampled clethodim products were also audited by the APVMA label monitoring program. All of the sampled labels and use instructions were found to be fully compliant. Results obtained from the chemical analysis did not indicate any issues requiring compliance action. Upcoming monitoring will test trifluralin, meloxicam and fipronil samples, in line with the Annual compliance plan 2016–17.

APVMA Regulatory Update, 12 October 2016 ; ;