CMIT/MIT – Approved!

This covers the use of CMIT/MIT as:

  • A disinfectant not intended for direct application to humans or animals.
  • A disinfectant for use in food and feed areas
  • An in-can preservative for products during storage
  • A preservative for water processing systems
  • A slimicide
  • A metal working or cutting fluid preservatives

The date of approval, and the date by which any biocidal product or treated article containing this substance must comply fully with the conditions set by the BPR is 1 July 2017. For each of the product types conditions have been set, in particular regarding measures to control the sensitisation effects of the substance. Whilst the full set for each product type is outlined in the journal above the main points concerning its wide usage as an in-can preservative for treated articles are outlined below:

  • The concentration of CMIT/MIT in products sold to the general public or to professional users must NOT trigger a skin sensitisation classification, unless exposure can be avoided using means other than wearing protective equipment.
  • Treated articles containing CMIT/MIT must be labelled with the following information outlined in article 58(3) of the BPR: A statement that the article contains biocidal products; the biocidal property attributed to the treated article; the name of ALL active biocidal substances in the product; name of any nanomaterials present must be followed by the word (nano); any relevant instructions for safe use.

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