Coming soon! Updates to the AICIS Business Services online portal


A key priority for us this year is to add more online processes into our business systems and make it easier for introducers to manage their regulatory obligations.

Accordingly, we’ve added several new features and applications to the AICIS Business Services portal in our IT release slated to go live next week.

From Monday 22 February 2021, you will be able to:

Download a copy of your submitted pre-introduction report (PIR).

Note: at this stage this feature only applies to PIRs submitted after 22 February 2021 and where there is no chemical data provider.

Vary a previously submitted PIR, including the ability to cancel if you decide not to proceed with the PIR variation (applies to all PIRs submitted from 1 July 2020).

Check if the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) number you enter into your PIR is in the valid CAS format (applies only to PIRs submitted from 22 February 2021).

Many introducers have been asking for these features — particularly the option to download submitted pre-introduction reports.

We’ve also added a new application:

Apply for early inclusion of your certificate terms to the Inventory terms of listing (we refer to this as an ‘early variation’).

View and track your early variation application.

Plus, we’ve added a new ‘Evaluations’ dashboard to the portal so that businesses can view and reply to our information requests as well as respond to our draft evaluation statements.

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AICIS, 19 February 2021