Consultation delays US


Submission of a final report to the Washington state legislature on a list of priority products to potentially face regulations under a new state scheme has been delayed beyond the 1 June deadline, due in part to the state’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The state Department of Ecology published a final draft report last month, identifying a set of priority consumer products to be reviewed under the Safer Products for Washington programme. The final report, however, is still undergoing executive review, “where the people reviewing are also dealing with the Covid-19 response”, said Lauren Tamboer, spokesperson for the programme.

“We’ve been told the governor’s office will review it as soon as they can after they receive it,” she said. “After that full review, the governor’s office will return it to us, and we will make any needed changes before submitting it to the legislature.”

Chemical Watch, 12 June 2020